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Live Shrimp

“WINNER BEST SOFT LURE 2012” *As voted by retailers and industry professionals

-Comes pre-rigged with weighted weedless hook

-Unique segmented tail held together by Kevlar matting to give durability and life-like action

-In-built rattle chamber

-10 Life Like colour range with Lumo eyes

-Unique moving leg action

-Can be re-rigged with standard jig head or worm hook

-Unique Rigging slots in the body to shield hook making the lure super-snag resistant whilst maintaining great hook up ability


Colour 2" (50mm) 6.5g 3.5" (89mm) 7g 5" (127mm) 15.5g
01 ZLS2001  ZLS3501 ZLS5001
02  ZLS2002  ZLS3502 ZLS5002
03  ZLS2003  ZLS3503  ZLS5003
04    ZLS3504  ZLS5004
06    ZLS3506  ZLS5006
08 ZLS2008  ZLS3508  ZLS5008
09  ZLS2009  ZLS3509 ZLS5009
10  ZLS2010  ZLS3510  ZLS5010
11    ZLS3511  ZLS5011
12    ZLS3512  ZLS5012
15  ZLS2015    
16  ZLS2016    
17  ZLS2017    
18  ZLS2018    

Zerek Live Shrimp 2" Hook & Jig Head Pack
Weighted hook & jig head pack perfectly suited to your Zerek Live Shrimp...

Code: ZHPLS2
Zerek Live Shrimp 17

Code: ZLS_17
Zerek Live Shrimp 18

Code: ZLS_18
Zerek Live Shrimp 3.5" Hook & Jig Head Pack
Weighted hook & jig head pack perfectly suited to your Zerek Live Shrimp...

Code: ZHPLS35
Zerek Live Shrimp 01

Code: ZLS_01
Zerek Live Shrimp 02

Code: ZLS_02
Zerek Live Shrimp 03

Code: ZLS_03
Zerek Live Shrimp 04

Code: ZLS_04
Zerek Live Shrimp 08

Code: ZLS_08
Zerek Live Shrimp 09

Code: ZLS_09
Zerek Live Shrimp 10

Code: ZLS_10
Zerek Live Shrimp 12

Code: ZLS_12

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Zerek Live Cherabin






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